The history of Melizzano is characterized by the passage of many people that have given shine to the small center Sannita. Melizzano would correspond, according to many historians, to the ancient Melae, city sannita destroyed by the Romans in the 538 d.C. sets to the feet of the S.Angel mountain along the street of the "Potechelle", where still the ruins are visible.

Prehistoric testimonies of Melae are present in the “tempietto of the water and of the snake" incorporated in the Sanctuary of the Madonna of the Free one, around which the recoveries have been numerous of "piedi fittili", ancient graves and finds you launch. In 1506 it was feud of the Gambacortas, that the near Frassos held.

As it regards the architecture tall-medioevale, we find along the road for Frasso masonry “tufacea”, human manufactured articles and a paved road that make reference to the Courts Longobarde from which derive the names of a lot of zones of the country with a lot of probability: Court Defended, Court St. Mark.   The "Suburb" introduces numerous burrows, arcs and bridges that were the place where it proliferated the first true nucleus of families that gave origin to the actual Melizzano.

Very important in the historical analysis it was the feud of Orcoli. The "castrum Orcoli" it flourished up to the earthquake that destroyed in the 1456. On the origin of the Bullock and name, the greatest and populous region of Melizzano, has historical importance the fortifications with numerous "towers of sighting" still present among the “vallone Maltempo” and the road that it conducts to the Castle of the family Caracciolo.

At the end of the '700 of not little account were the importance geopolitics and the possessions of the Arcipretura of St. Pietro that it divided the competences of the vescovatis of S.Agatha de' Goths and Cerreto Sannita.


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People: 1920
Altitude: 190 m/slm
From Benevento: 30 Km
From Caserta: 25 Km