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The reception of a magnificent territory, the Sannio.

Aldi Bed and Breakfast is born, not by chance, in the most ancient Suburb of Melizzano.

The historical center, for years abandoned, and now rediscovered, it strategically represents the history of an important country for the various dominations that, in the time, they have followed. The old crusher dell '800 that the B&B entertains it is a real museum, the millstone in stone and the wine cellars drawn by the tufo they are visited every year by thousand of tourists.

Melizzano an ideal destination is considered for a long time for the one who needs relax, of air and good food to digest even in the place handling.

To embellish the all, the proximity with the points of great attraction of the Sannio: The Regional Park of the Taburno, the Thermal baths of Telese, Cerreto Sannita and St. Lorenzello with their ceramics of author, the Goths' Sant'Agata, Solopaca capital of the wine, Benevento and Pietrelcina that it still preserves intact the tracks of St. Pious.

Aldi B&B Vico Forno 7

Melizzano (BN)   

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